Behroo ‌Bagheri

Behroo Bagheri was born in 1973 in Tehran where she still resides. After completing her bachelors’ degree in Islamic Law, from a highly reputable university in Tehran, she went to the USA and commenced her studies in art. Since then she has mainly concentrated on Painting, which she had learnt from well-known artists such as Farideh Lashaie and Mohammadali Taraghijah before leaving Iran. Behroo has had many solo and group exhibitions of her artworks over the years. She uses painting as a way of self-expression. Thus, she tries to challenge her abilities clearly and genuinely in order to depict all her encounters through her unique visual language. Jewelry making and design is another profession that Behroo has actively pursued during her career. The aesthetics of the small objects that she makes are displayed on the human body. By learning the basics of traditional jewellery making, besides heavily relying on trial and error, Behroo has established a unique style that is simple and instinctive.